Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monday Grill

Since I came to UK, cooking became part of my life. Of course, I used to love cooking before, but with more variety of ingredients and seasonings based on European, Oriental, Indian culture, motivating me to more creative cooking. 

Yesterday, I made 'Monday Roast', replicates 'Sunday Roast' which is traditional British food. Following picture is original style of Sunday Roast made by my British friend Shaun. 

Basically it is consisted by roast beef or chicken, (mashed) potatoes, other vegetables and mini Yorkshire Puddings. When you eat them with gravy souse, the taste is so amazing! 

Yesterday, I reminded Sunday Roast I ate on Term 1 and tried to make my own style of Sunday Roast with with my creativity. 

Here's brief recipe to make Meeha's style of Monday Roast 

First, heat oven in 200 degree. It takes around 20 to 30 min. 
Second, marinate a chicken breast with salt, lemon juice, pepper and herbs. 

Third, cut potatoes, carrots, courgettes (zucchini) and onions.
Fourth, put potatoes and carrots in boiling water with a pinch of salt. Potatoes for 10min, carrots for 5min.
Fifth, put all of vegetables in a big ball and add salt, pepper and herbs. Then put some butter and olive oil and mix all of them to make vegetables well coated by seasonings and oil.
Sixth, cover surface of oven tray for chicken breast with butter and olive oil.
Seventh, put chicken breast and vegetables in oven trays.
Eight. cook them in oven for 20 to 25 min. 

Then, enjoy your meal! 

I add some asparagus with cheese as well. 

You know, cooking with oven is simple and easy to get delicious result. It's not that difficult! Just try~! Then you'll get mouth-watering dish!!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Being an International Ambassador

As an international student, being an International Ambassador of Aston University is a really great chance to work with university and sharing your experience with others who need your help.
I applied to an International Ambassador middle of Term 1. After an interview and a couple of sessions of group working for introducing Aston University and training for campus tour, I could work as an ambassador.
I think an International Ambassador’s role is quite important that there’s limited way to approach University’s information in detail by a potential student who lives out of UK. Most students and their parents might want to know ‘real student’s life’ instead of information by reading text on a brochure or a website. 
International Ambassador’s work is mainly guiding for a campus tour and working for open day session Q & A which is role for undergraduate students. Attending an international event such as agents conference could be extra.
I have done 5 sessions of campus tour for visitors recently. It seems like these days are campus tour season for a student and their parents who are looking for best university for them. I introduce Main Building which is used for lecture rooms and offices, Student Guild Building, three accommodations and Woodcock Sport Centre to them. Most of them impressed by modern buildings on the campus, new accommodation buildings and sports facilities which includes swimming pool. During a campus tour, I share my experience about studying in Aston University and living in Birmingham. Each tour is interesting for me because every each team of visitors is from different countries and has different point of view for the University. Whenever finish a campus tour, I feel a sense of satisfaction and pride for helping them.
Every student study and live as a student but not all of them have chance to share the experience. For me, owning that experience by my-self is meaningful, but sharing it with others is more than something.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Welcome to gorgeous sunny weather!

Lovely sunny weather came to UK! Let's celebrate~! 

Sunny summer in Birmingham is really great!! It changes the city really alive which is 180 ° different from cloudy or rainy weather. Not too hot, not humid at all conditions make fresh and comfortable environment. So many student are enjoying sun-bedding at the lake. I really like that all of people celebrate and appreciate this nice weather. 

On the other hand, in my country, people try to be in air conditional equipped building to avoid too hot and humid summer. I even doesn't like summer in Korea that much even though I was born in middle of summer. (Some of Korean believe that a person born in summer or winter, the person might be good at standing extremely hot or cold weather.) But here, I go to lake everyday to absorb sunshine!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Workout in Aston University

I can't emphasize the importance of workout too strongly. To maintain healthy body and mind, I started workout from when term 1 started. At first, I went to off-campus gym but I changed to The Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre (we call it Woodcock), located in Aston campus because it has 50m swimming pool. 

To find more, checkout 'Sports at Aston' website

There's three types of membership

Gold    = Gym, Swim, Sauna + Steam & Aerobics classes
Sliver  = Gym, Swim, Sauna & Steam
Bronze = Gym only
Each membership has different fee depend on the contents and duration. 
Students could get lowest price, of course. 
You can check the price of the memberships here.

I recommend Woodcock's gym since it had been refurbished recently and all the facilities are new! 

I love pool and sauna especially, to survive in chilly weather in the UK.  
The water of pool is quite warm. When you get in to pool area, you would feel hot due to humidity and temperature. Having a sauna and stream room makes me relaxed after hard-work. Since I miss floor heating system at home and sauna in Korea, I really enjoy those facilities here. 

Also, it is possible to play indoor and outdoor sports in campus.

I believe, 

A sound mind in a sound body

Good luck everybody~ :-)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Scholarship Reception

We had The Scholarship Reception on 23rd of January 2012!

The reception was for international students who awarded scholarship or sponsorship.

We received certificate from Aston University and it was so memorable since I haven’t got any certificate from university in my home country. Each scholar took a picture with Vice-Chancellor Prof. Julia King.

It was very interesting that I can see variety of traditional national dress from some scholars and I thought I should bring 'Han-bok' which is Korean traditional dress for this kind of occasion.

I enjoyed conversations with deans from each courses, many officers work in Aston University and scholars from various countries. It was such a good opportunity to know each other since I don't have enough chance to meet them during the course.

You can see other pictures taken in the reception at

Photo with Vice-Chancellor Prof. Julia King

Conversation with manager works in HUB

International Scholars!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Birmingham Centre is best location to go travel!

Birmingham Centre is best location to go travel!

If you are living in or near Aston University campus, New Street, Moor Street and Snowhill stations are very near.

The Coach Station is located in the city centre as well.
Here are some useful sites for ticket booking

<train tickets>


-Virgin Trains is a train operating company in the United Kingdom. It operates long-distance passenger services on the West Coast Main Line (WCML) between London, the West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland.

train line

london midland

-Its services operate primarily on the West Coast Main Line from London Euston and in the West Midlands region

<coach(bus which takes you city to city) tickets>

Please note that if you book tickets 2 weeks before, you can get discounted price.

And try to obtain a ‘Young Persons Railcard’ if your age is between 16 and 25.

But don’t be disappointed if you are older as You can get a special ‘stamp’ at the HUB(located in Mainbuilding ground floor) so then you can get the card with student status(full-time students only).

I’ve been to many cities since I arrived here. And want to introduce you to some famous cities by traveling for you.

Warwick Castle was the first spot on my trip and I visited it with my pre-sessional course classmates! This place was impressive since it was not only an old, historical place but also a venue for variety events. I recommend Warwick Castle for those who want to have a memorable experience of a British castle. You can see the old but picturesque British town as well. 

Liverpool is the city of the ‘Beatles’. In this city, you can see something relating to the Beatles everywhere you go. The most famous place is ‘The Cavern Club’ which is known as the first place that the Beatles performed. You still can enjoy the Beatles music in this place with great crowds.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Getting My Scholarship

After I received a confirmed offer from Aston University, I got an e-mail about The Su Youn Scholarship for South Korean Students. To apply I had to write a two page essay and wait for two University’s decision. I didn’t feel confident because there was only one scholarship available. About a week later when I arrived at Aston University to attend the pre-sessional course during the summer holiday, and I got an e-mail from the International office. This e-mail began with the word ‘’Congratulations’’! Aston offered me a scholarship! I felt so proud of myself and knew that this scholarship would encourage and motivate me, throughout studies at Aston. I called my family and told my friends whom I had met at the pre-sessional course and all of them congratulated me.

If you're intereted in scholarship from Aston University, visit

There are lots of scholarship available!